Gaya being on the top of the list has much significance when it comes to Pind daan. The soul could be freed from the agonies of hell and sent to heaven by performing Gaya-Shraddha or Pind Daan in Gaya.

To bring salvation to departed souls, Pind-daan is a mandatory thing for all Hindus and Hinduism followers. It is believed that no work can be successfully performed without the blessing of ancestors and doing of Pind Daan brings the blessings of the forefathers. By performing the rituals as per ancient texts and paying homage to the deceased ancestors, the dead soul attains mokhsa (salvation).

As per mythological scriptures, Lord Rama offered Pind Daan to his father Dashratha at this place. It is believed that Rama belonged to Treta Yuga. This yuga covered 12,96,000 mortal years. After Treta, came Dwapar yuga covering 8,64,000 mortal years. This is the kali yuga.

Package Itineary

Day 1. Gaya / Patna Arrival -

  • Arrival At Gaya / Patna Railway Station/Airport
  • Transfer to hotel .
  • Check into Hotel at Gaya/ Bodhgaya & Relax
  • Arrangement of all things for Worship done by Travel Agent (Pind Daan)
  • Overnight At Hotel

Day 2. Pind Daan +
Day 3. Pind Daan +
Day 4. Bodhgaya Sightseen +
Day 5 Departure. +